What are the top 10 best Iranian traditional houses?

What are the top 10 best Iranian traditional houses?

Some passengers like and prefer to stay at 5-star luxury hotels, while they are lying on the sofa or Swimming pool chair and order a cool drink. While some like to discover the culture of their destination. One of the first things that do amaze tourists and fall in the love with Iran is the magnificent traditional houses. The traditional houses of Iran are one of the most attractive sights in Iran. These houses with more than 150 years old, original Iranian decorations, rich and attractive architecture, and finally a peaceful and cozy environment have a unique attraction for visitors.

First trip to Iran

First trip to Iran

Your first trip to Iran and the things you need to know and learn. Alright, let's check. Remember that Iranian society and culture are mysterious to you, the same goes for Iranians when they meet you. We all have to learn from each other. Iran has all but disappeared from the tourist map in recent decades. Political reasons, war, and unstable government tourism policies were some of the reasons. However, things have changed radically in the last few years and many people from all over the world are willing to give it a try. try to visit Iran.

The most attractive travel experiences in Iran

The most attractive travel experiences in Iran

Welcome to Iran
A great fabulous country is known as the friendliest country with hospitable people on earth. This country with magnificent Iranian architecture, and displaying a unique aspect of Shiite Islam is known as the crown of Islam.

Ilam Province a Pure and fascinating nature

Ilam Province a Pure and fascinating nature

Beautiful lam has fallen at the western flank of the lofty Zagros Mountain Range and is rich with jungles. Kabirkuh, Dinarkuh, Mount Bankul, and Mount Chamangir are high mountains in the province - the highest peak being 2790 m. llam enjoys a cold mountainous climate in the north and northeast, a moderate mountainous climate at the eastern elevations, and a desert and arid climate in the west and south. Rainfall is heavy in spring causing streams to swell into big rivers, strong enough to uproot trees. Seimarehrud, the most important river in Ilam, runs at the Lorestan border. Oak and other trees cover the dense jungles in Ilam.

Where is Masuleh or Stairs Village

Masuleh or Stairs Village

Situated in a mountainous area covered with lush vegetation and luxuriant forests, Masuleh is a village enjoying splendid natural beauty. Being a village of great antiquity, it is like a living architectural and anthropological museum, attracting a great number of tourists each year. Masuleh is 36 km southwest of Fuman, in the province of Gilan. It is bounded on the north by the village of Alyan, on the east by Shaft, on the south by Poshtkuh-e Khamesh, and on the west by Zanjan province. It is surrounded by the Talesh mountains, some of which, located in the west, are more than 3000 meters high.

Mangrove forest; The strangest world water forest on Qeshm Island

The Hara Forest

Hara Forest is the common name for mangrove forests on the southern coast of Iran, especially on and near Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf. Dominated by the species Avicennia marina, known locally as the “Hara” or “Harra” tree, the forests represent an important ecological resource. The 'Hara Protected Area' on Qeshm and the nearby mainland is a biosphere reserve where commercial use is limited to fishing (mainly shrimp), tourist boat trips, and limited cutting of mangroves for food. 'and animal feed.

Tchoqa Zanbil The largest Elamite temple

Tchoqa Zanbil The largest Elamite temple

Choqa Zanbil is an old Elamit complex in the province of Khuzestan Ofiran. It is one of the few existing ziggurats outside of Mesopotamia. It is approximately 25 kilometers west of Decfoul, 45 kilometers south of Susa, and 230 kilometers north of Abadan via Ahvaz, which is 120 kilometers away. It was about 1250 BC. BC notices from King Untash-Napirisha, mainly to honor the big Godinshushinak. His original name was major Untash, which means "city of Untash", but it is unlikely that many people, alongside priests and servants, have ever lived there.

Have you ever experienced Iran Ski?

Have you ever experienced Iran Ski?

Imagine the thrill of sport on the pristine white ski slopes of Iran. Visualize the wind flowing through your body as your heart beats to the rhythm of the dive. Here you will feel no limits - you cannot keep your daily problems or dilemmas in mind; you are free and unconstrained. as each swing, you push faster outward which gains momentum; there is nothing to bring you back. Your heart throbs with the incredible sense of good humor as you crumble - your mind awakes with the worry of falling, the buzz of danger lurks within you, and you feel the fiery thrill of your own mortality!

9 Amazing Mosques in Iran

9 Amazing Mosques in Iran

Beautiful, amazing, and glorious, the arches, the mosaics, the circular domes, and the structural features of pre-Islamic architecture in Iran. Iranian architecture dates back to 5000 BC and had a tremendous impact on the architecture of India, Turkey, and Tajikistan to Zanzibar. “The highest Iranian art in the truest sense of the word has always been its architecture. Few places can compete architecturally with the mosques that Iran has to offer. It is the combination of geometric patterns, symmetry, and vibrant colors that dazzles the eyes of all visitors.

Vank (all saviors') Cathedral The most Spectacular Church of Iran

Vank Cathedral

Vank Church is one of the most beautiful and largest churches in the Jolfa vicinity of Isfahan. It is a gilded ceiling, and the interior section of the dome and fine historical paintings are matchless. Internally, the walls are adorned with oil paintings that are also gilded similar to that of Iranian art. Religious paintings revealing an Italian touch can be observed here. The founder of this structure was Shah Sultan Hossein Safavid.

Adventure Tour

Iran is one of the largest countries in the Middle East. Its landscape is diverse, comprising desert, rivers, plateaus, valleys, jungles, and mountain including the Middle East’s highest peak, Mt Damavand (5167m). Iran with this variety of natural wonders is the paradise of Eco-traveler. You can climb mountains, rafting in the roaring rivers, stay at the villages, cook with locals and walk in different parts of Iran freely. Discover Iran's unique nature with our professional tours.

Cultural Tours

Thousands years of brilliant historical records, rare historical monuments, more than 1/000/000 historical sites and attractions to discover, deep ancient civilizations, sides and impressive cultural aspects, while embracing one of the most unique nations in the world; are some of the main elements that formed the cultural and historical concept of the ancient territory of the Persians, known as IRAN. Discover the land of histories and legends with our comprehensive tours.

MICE Tours

Iran has very different cultural characteristics as: social, historical, natural and... These different characteristics in a wide plateau create different models of trip plans. You can prepare your favorite tour by combining several of these features or use our offered tours.

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