Walking Tour Museums to the Grand Bazaar
one day walking tour around Bazaar of Tehran and visit most of them free of charge. Spend a day in Imam Khomeini Square, which is surrounded by historical and beautiful buildings. In this area, you can see a collection of the most beautiful monuments like palaces, museums, mosques, and historic buildings that have an important role in the history of Iran. Many of these buildings are free and you can easily visit them while they are located in a small area and this walk will be very enjoyable for you.

START: Metro Station Imam Khomeini
End Metro: Station Khayam
Length 2KM: 3 TO 4 Hours

Royal bank - Imam Khomeini Sq

From Imam Khomeini, Metro station navigates along Imam Khomeini St west towards the Portal of Bagh-e Meli, an impressive gateway dating from 1906 and decorated with painted tiles. Pass through the gate to the old National Garden complex of museums and government buildings. If you have time, explore the Islamic Museum and the Malek National Library & Museum. If not, admire the grand architecture flanking pedestrianized Melal-e Mottahed, including Building No 9 of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Qazaq Khaneh, the former Cossacks' Quarters.

National garden Gate
National garden Gate

Return to the maelstrom of motor vehicles encircling Imam Khomeini Sq. Little Qajar-era grandeur remains although there is still a fountain in front of the plinth that once held up a statue of Reza Shah. On the square's eastern side, the Tejarat Bank, a late 19th-century building that housed the first public bank in Iran, has an entrance that's decorated with traditional tiles.

Ministry of Foreign Affair building
Ministry of Foreign Affair building

Continue south along Naser Khosrow St. Once one of Tehran's grandest avenues it is lined with impressive buildings, such as Dar ul-Funun, established in 1851 as Iran's first modern university. Peek into the courtyard where there's a garden designed in the shape of the Union Jack. Further south, Naser Khosrow is pedestrianized and runs along the back of Golestan Palace.

Tehran national Museum

Naser Khosrow leads you to the entrance to the Grand Bazaar. Before exploring this centuries-old maze, take a moment to admire the beautifully restored interior decoration of the 10 Imam Khomeini Mosque. A short walk east along Panzdah-e Khordad Ave look for Eudlagan, a recently restored alley of the bazaar that leads towards the teahouse Timcheh Akbarian. occupying a building that was a bank some 260 years ago.

Tehran Bazar

Return to the Grand Bazaar, where you could happily lose yourself for several hours of exploring and shopping. After all that you'll be glad of a rest at the gorgeous teahouse and restaurant Khayyam, by Khayyam metro station.

Lunch Time: There are several restaurants in and around Tehran Bazaar that offer a variety of Persian dishes. But in Moslem and Shamshiri restaurants in Sabzeh Maidan Square, you can prepare good and suitable food.

  • Darol_fonon_High_School
  • Imam_Mosque
  • Imam_Mosque_1
  • King_Bank_Imam_Khomeini_Sq
  • King_Bank_Imam_Khomeini_Sq_1
  • King_Bank_Imam_Khomeini_Sq_2
  • King_Bank_Imam_Khomeini_Sq_3
  • Malek_Museum
  • Malek_Museum1
  • Malek_Museum2
  • Ministry_of_Foreign_Affair
  • Ministry_of_Foreign_Affair1
  • National_Garden_Gate
  • National_Garden_Gate1
  • National_Museum_Tehran
  • National_Museum_Tehran1
  • Roshan_Building_Naser_Khosro_St
  • Tehran_Bazar
  • Tehran_bazaar_Timche_Hajeb_ol_Dole
  • Tehran_national_Museum
  • emam_Jome_House
  • emam_Jome_House_1


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