Atiq Jame Mosque
Jame Mosque of Isfahan, also known as Atiq Mosque located in Ghiam Square, Allameh Majlesi Street, Isfahan, Iran. Actually. The mosque is located in the ancient texture of Isfahan city, on the west side of Hatef St, and at the end of Isfahan Grand Bazar. In general, as Naqsh-e Jahan Square and its surrounding buildings are a legacy from the Safavid era, Jameh Mosque and its surroundings show the life of before and during the Seljuk era. History of James Mosque of Isfahan Jameh Mosque or Atiq Mosque of Isfahan is one of the most prominent architectural monuments of Iran and the world, and since its different parts were built in different historical eras, the current collection, like a very big museum, represents the evolution and development of Persian architecture before and during the Islamic period.


Atiq Jame Mosque Isfahan

Archeological excavations revealed that before Arabs' dominance upon the city, this building was probably the important religious center and it was used as a fire temple. Discovering a base of a column with decorations from the Sassanid era on the north side of the Mosque confirms that there was a building there before Islamic period. There are disagreements about the history of developments in the mosque, but it seems that the Mosque was built in the 7th century and during the Abbasid era, and in the 9th century its Mehrab was destroyed and its Qibla direction was altered. The current appearance of the mosque is mostly related to the Seljuk era, but its restoration and tiling were related to subsequent eras, especially the Safavid era.

Brick-work of Atiq Jame Mosque Isfahan

-The architecture of Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
The mosque has a four porches plan, and since the artistic and architectural innovations of 15 centuries of the Islamic era are gathered there, it is one of the most prominent historical monuments of the world. According to different sources, the mosque faced conflagration, and different wars and unrest in different eras damaged a lot, therefore it was rebuilt and renovated many times. The mosque has multiple entrances that connect the mosque to its surrounding areas. Passageways and
alleyways around the mosque extensively connect it to the ancient context of the city.

Main Dome of Atiq Jame Mosque Isfahan

Architectural Values of the Jameh Mosque Jameh Mosque includes experiences of a thousand years of constructing the mosques and especially the creation of Persian mosques; hence, many architectural styles of Persian architecture are identifiable in it. Structure of brick pillars with geometric motifs, brick columns with various sections, including two-part, three-part, and four-part forms obtained from the combination of circles, arches with various brick ordering quartet porches with different motifs and designs, huge domes, Proportioned and ornamented facades around the courtyard, and eleven entrances each of which opens toward a passageway around the mosque.

The Ivan of Atiq Jame Mosque Isfahan

All of this in the final combination forms a unique collection, which can be referred to as the history and encyclopedia of the architecture of Iran and Central Asia. Moreover, with the development of the mosque ninth century, the previous Shabestani mosque reformed to a four-porch mosque; then this style called as Persian Mosque and then after most of the mosques were built on such style; even changes applied to other old mosques to change their plan to the new four-porch plan. This model was extended to other Islamic territories. Therefore, the most prominent architectural value of the Jame Mosque is its model on the architecture history of the east. This model's Persian Mosque is unique in the world, and then after the construction of other mosques in east and central Asia followed this model.

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