Minarets a masterpiece architecture toward the Sky
Minarets a risen old quarters of Isfahan Are miracles that represent the civilizations, emotions culture, and artistic nature of nations that developed simultaneously by humans. Thanks to the miraculous hands of their architects, the minarets scrape the sky of Isfahan. In ancient times, minarets were built between two borders, and for determining the border, some illuminating instruments were put in them. Gradually such structures were implemented on public roads.

According to historical records, the Lighthouse of Alexandria located on Egyptians the first minaret ever built In Islamic lands, minarets were used for a very different purpose, in a way that the Muezzin was gone to the position in the minaret intended for him and started to call the prayers, therefore his voice encoded across the region. In a sense, Isfahani is The city of high brick minarets. It Seems that these minarets belonged to mosques which have been ruined adjust their minarets remained, of course, they were used as signal tools for travelers and showed the location of Isfahan city from a very far distance. Some of these minarets date back 900 years ago.

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If a mosque is a museum of Islamic art, a minaret is a mirror showing all facades of that museum. In the history of architecture, minarets in comparison with other monuments have different designs and construction. The word minaret is rooted in the Arabic word "Nar" which means a very narrow place that was lit on fire "Differences divided minarets into two categories: minarets in an urban area which were used as watchtowers and before the invasion of Arabs In Persia were used for Zoroastrian Sacred Fire and the golden flames of the fire showed the route to caravans, minarets in suburban areas were used as signals for travelers to find their routes from far distance In past the application of minarets head direct correlation with tights and winding urban street streets were designed tights and winding due to security and water supply system. The location of minarets showed the place of the mosque to the public from far and near After Arabsinvasion, minarets turned to a place for "Muezzins According To some reports, the Hakim Mosque of Isfahan, which was originally a mosque built in the Daylamite era(1055-934) had very high minaret with a height of more than 100 meters, and some references attribute its destruction to Mongols and some other to Tamerlane The existence of such minaret represents their importance as a watchtower and signaling in time of enemies invasion. Although minarets seem lean with low balance elements they have unexpected durability, this is due to their restricted roof and less penetration of snow and rain. On the other hand, their conical and cylindrical shapes are a very resistant factor against earthquakes, in a way that when the earthquakes the minaret absorbs the sweeping fluctuations from the base to the top of its construction, therefore lowering the earthquake fluctuations force. Considering that Isfahan was one of the biggest civilized centers of Iran, especially during the Seljuk and Safavid eras it has the most numbers of minarets. Generally, minarets are located beside the mosque's dome. In the past minarets were in the attention of travelers and tourists, and now they are interesting in terms of their height, type and style of architecture, the arrangement of knots, inscription and epigraphy, plastering, and tilling. There are more than 21 minarets in Isfahan, each of which has its own unique characteristics and seems interesting to visitors, for example, Monaronban (Shaking Minarets) is the most important minaret in the city represents technological development in ancient Iran. Sareban Minaret (Camel Driver's Minaret) with 54 meters height the highest minaret Isfahan Built-In the 12th century. Chehel Dolchta ran(the 40 virgins) Minaretwith 40 meters height has the most obvious identity and it's the second minaret with historical value Sareban Minaretis the highest and the most beautiful minaret the city; it is on the most beautiful minarets from the Seljuk era; it is decorated with bricks and mosaic tiling with Kufic Scripts, it has 54 meters height built without pedestal in three stories. Bagh-e-Gosht Khane is another popular minaret of Isfahan that is the most elegant and the most decorated minaret built in late Illchanidera(1353-1256) Itis called Bagh-e-Goushlanedue to the existence of a royal garden used for royal falcons before and during the Safavid Era(1736-1501) when Isfahan was the capital. Khaje Nezam Al-Molk Minaret In Darashtquarterisanother monument has built-in ultimate coherence and beauty this minaret is that much high which is called the Dome of the sky. It is a monument from the Seljuk Era(1194-1037). Bersian Minaret is another ancient minaret in Iran and it is the 3rd minaret whose date of construction is obvious. Rahravan Minaret is the most near suburban minaret of Isfahan. Shahrestan Minaret, or Shah Rostam, is located near Shahrestan Bridge which has a history for itself and is decorated with Kufic Inscriptions. Ali minaret is the most well-shaped minaret of the city who is facelessly damaged during the passage of time. This minaret consists of three parts and becomes thinner and shorter from the bottom to the top. This minaret has four inscriptions in Kufic Script, from which three inscriptions are on tile and one on the brick. This minaret alongside the other monuments seems that they have a very attractive and hearable conversation that needs our translators to translate this conversation.

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