Our Trip to Sar Agha Seyyed Village the Gem of Zagros Mountain
Sar Agha Seyyed is one of the most beautiful villages located in the Central District of Kuhrang County, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran; due to its stairs-like structure of the houses-The yard of the building above is the roof of the building below-it is also known as Masouleh of Zagros Mountains. Due to the tombs Seyed Eisa in the village it is called Sar Aqa Seyyed Village. The Yard of the house above is the roof below the house, and their windows open toward an extremely fascinating landscape of pure unique nature.

During cold seasons the village covered by snow, but it has a heavenly spring and summer, everywhere is green and full of spring waters, beautiful trees, the song of the birds, and so many waterfalls. We Were heading toward the village, and we were the guests one the villager, called Esfandiar. He was very kind.

Like other villagers who came to early welcoming us and spend time with us, under a Siah Chador (black tent) in the courtyard of Esfandiar home and on the roof of another kind villager, a party was held for us and villagers gathered there and they poured us tea from a samovar there. Our dinner was a very delicious local Ash( A portion of Vegetarian food, the mix of water, local vegetable, beans, pepper, salt ) was prepared by a kind of black colored mushroom. We spent the night under the bright stars we woke up by the first rays sunrise and the smell of fresh bread. The intimate household of Esfandiar lets us watch the baking rituals and bake some bread. After having breakfast Esfndiar had his son Hosein to guides and show the attractions of the village and led us to the river. Hosein was an active, good-tempered thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy who chose the most beautiful possible track and kindly showed us the attractions. He Walked at the front of the group, simply and gaily climbed the rocks and cliffs and picked us pistachio mountains and cranberries. Sometimes he laughed at our panting and gasping, also, with the strength and agility of a Bakhtiari he helped us to carry our cumbersome accessories. Children of the village followed us with their laughter and they faced each other along the track. I wished that I remembered to buy them some delicious souvenirs for them. When we were out of the village they stood and farewell us with their sweet smile and kind eyes, then returned joyfully to their playing The beginning of our track was a steep uphill that eventually led to numbers of stone stairs which direction to the valley, the sound of the streaming water from a distant waterfall was heard A Little further beautiful waterfalls have emerged which were full of the water of melting snow from distant mountains; their beauty wiped out the boredom from the body. It was full of beauty, tranquility, soft songs of water and birds, and pure nature that gave us moments to carefree relaxing. Our return way passed beside the holy tomb, whose green dome could be seen from above, and now whenever we head up we could see the picturesque landscape of the village. It was sunset and all of the villagers were sitting on roofs and they were calmly watching the astonishing sunset.

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