Religious tourism is the food of your soul
Religious tours or religious travel is one of the oldest and most common travel models with hundreds of years of history. Such trips are common among all religions and their various models are still evident. Pilgrims from the Canterbury Church in the United Kingdom.Zoroastrian pilgrims traveler to the Chak Chak shrine near Meybod-Yazd. The annual visit of Christians to the Church of sacred Thaddeus or Black Church. Also various Jewish shrines or Jewish Synagogue in different parts of Iran.

People with different religious backgrounds have a reason to visit Iran. Different religions in Iran have their own religious ceremonies and all can attract tourists.  Iran is the most important destination for religious tourism among Muslims, especially Shiites. Iran has many potentials to expand this part of the tourism industry. Every year, more than 3 million pilgrims travel to this country to visit religious places in Iran. Iran is one of the five most important countries in the field of the religious tourism industry. Among these, the cities of Mashhad, Qom, Shiraz, and Tehran have the largest share.

But the most important religious attractions in Iran in the field of religious tourism are: A unique time for religious tours in Iran is during the first decade of the lunar month of Muharram( This time changes every year). This is one of the most important Shiite religious ceremonies that is performed completely with special ceremonies. Tasua and Ashura (on the 9& 10th of Muharram) are the best days of these ceremonies when the mourning ceremonies reach their climax. Recently years, Yazd, Meybod, Isfahan, and Kashan were among the cities which have taken attention to these ceremonies and hosted the highest numbers of tourists.
Other popular religious attractions include Vank Cathedral in Isfahan Province, Jamkaran Mosque in Qom Province, and Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in Yazd Province. Among the top destinations for international tourists to Iran are the religious cities of Mashhad, Qom, Shiraz, and the capital Tehran. These cities are respectively home to the holy shrines of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of Shia Muslims; his sister Hazrat Masumeh (SA); his brothers Ahmad and Mohammad; as well as the late founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Rouhollah Khomeini. The interesting thing is that not only believers but also lovers of culture and architecture are attracted to this type of tour.

Astan e-Quds Razavi Mashhad

Astan e-Quds Razavi Mashhad
This forms the axis of the holy city of Mashad and is one of the most important and greatest aggregates in the world of Islam. Its importance is due to the presence of the shrine of His Holiness Imam Reza (AS), 148-203 AH, which contains valuable historical and artistic monuments from various centuries. In the year 203 AH, or as it is said, in the year 202 AH, after the martyrdom of His Holiness Imam Reza (AS), the sacred body was laid to rest on the tomb of Haroon-al Rashid. It is said that Mogadasi was the first person to name the place Mashhad (meaning the place of martyrdom). Ibn-e-Hogol has also called it Mashad-ol-Reza.

Qare Kelisa or Black church

Qare Kelisa church
This church is situated in the village of Qare Kelisa, district of Siyah Cheshmeh, Maku. It is the tomb of the sacred Thaddeus. According to historical records of the Sassanian period, some of the Armenians were the followers of prophet Zoroaster, whereas some were sun worshipers. In the year 43 AD. two men by the name of Tatavoos and Batholemus preached on Christianity in the vicinity of Azerbaijan, thereby gaining a number of followers (3500 people ) including the daughter of the monarch of the time. In order to stop the advancement of Christianity, the Armenian ruler ordered their massacre in the year 66 AD. It is said that their bodies were buried in the vicinity of this church.

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Danial e-Nabi Mausoleum

Danial e-Nabi Mausoleum
Shush This mausoleum is the resting abode of one of the prophets of the Israelites. The premises has two courtyards, which are surrounded by chambers and porches. In this mausoleum, the sepulcher below the tomb is an old yellow-colored stone devoid of any inscriptions. The ceiling of the mausoleum has beautiful mirror works with light apertures on eight sides under the dome. The foundations of the mausoleum are old but thick and strong. The upper section of the eastern side of the mausoleum is adorned with tile works. The dome of Danial-e-Nabi is a multi-sided, hexagonal shape erected on a circular base.

Saint Masoomeh (PBUH Holy Shrine)

Saint Masoomeh (PBUH Holy Shrine)
The aggregate of the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Masoomeh is in the city center of Qom and is considered to be one of the largest and most valuable relics of Islamic architecture of Iran and the world which bears precious remnants from various centuries. This aggregate has been constructed on the mausoleum of Hazrat Fatemah reputedly known as Ma>soomeh the daughter of Imam Moosa Kazem (AS), and sister of Imam Reza (AS).

Shah-e Cheragh Holy Shrine

Shah-e Cheragh Holy Shrine
A place of pilgrimage but also worth visiting for its unbelievable mirror work, it contains the tomb of the brother of Imam Reza (PBUH) who died in the 8th century. The first construction of it is attributed to Atabak Saad Ebn-e-Zangi. In the 8th century AH it was repaired and developed by the mother of Ishaq Injoo. In the early 10th century AH, it was again repaired. But late in the century, an earthquake ruined it so it underwent renovation once more. In the year 1243 AH, during the reign of Fathali Shah Qajar, some sections were added to it. In 1958 its dome was reconstructed. This shrine is one of the most famed places of pilgrimage for the followers of the Shiite sect in Iran and in the world.

Chak Chak Zoroastrian fire temple

Chak Chak
This important Zoroastrian fire-temple is on a hill 52 km to the north-northeast of Yazd. It attracts thousands of pilgrims for an annual festival, which lasts for ten days from the beginning of the third month after Now Ruz. To visit, it is best to get the permission of the religious authorities at the Atashkadeh in Yazd.

Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral
The Vank Church is one of the most beautiful and largest churches in the Jolfa vicinity of Isfahan. It's a gilded ceiling, interior section of the dome and fine historical paintings are matchless. Internally, the walls are adorned with oil paintings that are also gilded similar to that of Iranian art. Religious paintings revealing an Italian touch can be observed here. The founder of this structure was Shah Soltan Hossain Safavid


Jamkaran Mosque Qom city

Jamkaran Mosque
Regarding the date of this mosque, there is a narration, according to which on a Tuesday eve, on 17th of Ramadan of the year 393, a group of people assemble at the residence of Sheikh Hassan Ebne Mosleh Jamkarani, and ask the Sheikh to abide by the command of Hazrat Mahdi (AS) the 12th Imam or Redeemer, as believed by the Shia sect, and told him that he was called by the Imam. People accompanied the Sheikh to the vicinity of the present Jamkaran mosque. On his arrival Sheikh saw a young man sitting on a carpeted seat, leaning against cushions, and a sage known as Hazrat Kheze was next to him. Hazrat Mahdi addressed the Sheikh by name and asked him to go to Hassan Muslim cultivation and tell him that this land was sacred and there should be no more farming performed there.


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Iran is one of the largest countries in the Middle East. Its landscape is diverse, comprising desert, rivers, plateaus, valleys, jungles, and mountain including the Middle East’s highest peak, Mt Damavand (5167m). Iran with this variety of natural wonders is the paradise of Eco-traveler. You can climb mountains, rafting in the roaring rivers, stay at the villages, cook with locals and walk in different parts of Iran freely. Discover Iran's unique nature with our professional tours.

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Thousands years of brilliant historical records, rare historical monuments, more than 1/000/000 historical sites and attractions to discover, deep ancient civilizations, sides and impressive cultural aspects, while embracing one of the most unique nations in the world; are some of the main elements that formed the cultural and historical concept of the ancient territory of the Persians, known as IRAN. Discover the land of histories and legends with our comprehensive tours.

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Iran has very different cultural characteristics as: social, historical, natural and... These different characteristics in a wide plateau create different models of trip plans. You can prepare your favorite tour by combining several of these features or use our offered tours.

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