Iran Tourism Diversity
A Chance to Experience Colorful Itineraries
In Iran you can experience almost all sorts of tourism, thanks to its colorful and rich cultural heritage and also natural beauty and Biodiversity. Iran is a four-season country where there are always many chances of tourism activity all year round. In the following, you can find out what we are talking about.

Iran Architecture and culture Tours

Architecture and culture
The sacred shrines in the holy city of Qom, ancient monuments at Persepolis and Isfahan, the gardens of Kashan, poets' tombs in Shiraz, and the tiled Nasir al-Mulk mosque, considered the pinnacle of Iranian-Islamic art, all can be planned as a cultural highlight for a 15-day tour.

Valley of the Assassins  Qazvin

Valley of the Assassins
Walking tour based around the eponymous 1934 travelogue by the explorer Freya Stark, showcasing the greener side of Iran, traditional villages, the castles of the 'assassins, and Alborz mountain hikes. The trip includes a stay with the Shahsevan nomadic tribe, a visit to Tabriz's blue mosque, and the Unesco world heritage bazaar.

The Safavid Capitals Tour

Trek the Lut desert
The Dasht-e Lut desert, one of the Earth's hottest and driest places, is a (hardy) trekker's dream, with incredible rock formations, sand dunes, salt plains, and the Valley of Meteorites - imposing landscapes that enchanted Marco Polo and, 700 years later, Wilfred Thesiger.

Iran central desert tour

Iran by train, from Turkey

Iran by train, from Turkey
After boarding the train in Ankara, passengers travel to Tehran to explore the archeological sites, before taking a sleeper to Isfahan for its iconic covered bridges and huge Naghsh-e Jahan Square. The unique desert architecture of Yazd is a short train ride away, the final train trip is to Shiraz, the city of flowers and poetry.


Most nationalities are welcome to travel in Iran independently, but the citizens of the USA, Britain, and Canada are required to be escorted by an authorized guide at all times and must book a group trip, but if you are from one of these countries you can tailor-make one with a minimum of two people with some operators, and on a budget.

Climb Mount Damavand
It takes four days to reach the summit of the country's highest mountain, a 5671-meter volcano. Base camp is two hours from Tehran, making Damavand one of the most accessible 5,000-metre-plus mountains in the world. If all goes to plan, this seven-day trip includes two days' recovery in Larijan's thermal spring and Tehran.

8 days Damavand mountain climbing


Skiing in Iran

Skiing in Iran
Dizin, with lifts to 3,600 meters, and Shemshak, at 3,050 meters, is Iran's most famous resort, with chalets, hotels, and equipment hire. They are both near Tehran and access is straightforward. Another of the larger resorts is Pooladkaf, 85km from Shiraz in the south, peaking at 3.400 meters and enjoying strong sunshine despite high snow totals.

Iran Festivals

Religious and cultural events abound in Iran, reflecting the country's diverse peoples and historical influences. They range from the Gol-o-Golab (Rose and Rosewater) festival in Kashan in May to the Chak Chak fire temple festival near Yazd in June, which celebrates the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism.


Adventure Tour

Iran is one of the largest countries in the Middle East. Its landscape is diverse, comprising desert, rivers, plateaus, valleys, jungles, and mountain including the Middle East’s highest peak, Mt Damavand (5167m). Iran with this variety of natural wonders is the paradise of Eco-traveler. You can climb mountains, rafting in the roaring rivers, stay at the villages, cook with locals and walk in different parts of Iran freely. Discover Iran's unique nature with our professional tours.

Cultural Tours

Thousands years of brilliant historical records, rare historical monuments, more than 1/000/000 historical sites and attractions to discover, deep ancient civilizations, sides and impressive cultural aspects, while embracing one of the most unique nations in the world; are some of the main elements that formed the cultural and historical concept of the ancient territory of the Persians, known as IRAN. Discover the land of histories and legends with our comprehensive tours.

MICE Tours

Iran has very different cultural characteristics as: social, historical, natural and... These different characteristics in a wide plateau create different models of trip plans. You can prepare your favorite tour by combining several of these features or use our offered tours.

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