Iran top 10 places, that should not be missed
Iran is one of the 10 most important tourist destinations in the world with more than 12,000 years of history and more than 1,000,000 historical monuments and various features of tourism. The registration of 22 items of cultural heritage and 2 works of natural heritage of Iran in the UNESCO list shows the historical-cultural-artistic and natural importance of Iran.In this section, we introduce 10 important historical-natural and cultural sites of Iran that have been admired by tourists.

Shushtar- The hydraulic System

Shushtar- The hydraulic System
Shushtar is an ancient fortress city in Khuzestan, and is about 92 kilometers away from Ahwaz, the capital of the province. This city is famous for its historical hydraulic system, which has been registered in UNESCO in 1388 (2009), and is the only hydraulic system which has remained from the Sassanid Era. In this system different processes have been used to move the water of Karoon River to different cities. It also connects the river to the private reservoirs of houses and buildings and supplies water for domestic use and for irrigation.

Taghe Bostan

Taghe Bostan
Taghe Bostan is a historical place in the skirt of a mountain with the same name, near a spring in the north-east of Kermanshah. In this place, the historical engraving of Ardeshir II, 2 stone vaults, called small and big vaults could be seen. The small vault includes two sculptures and two inscriptions, and the big vault includes more demonstrations and delicate carvings. There is an engraving in the east of the small vault, which pictures the crowning of Ardeshir II, the ninth king of the Sassanid Era. Taghe Bostan has an impressive green nature, which made it a perfect place for the kings of the Sassanid Era to have their statues made.


Bafgh is one of the most beautiful cities in Yazd Province. The eastern part of the city has mild weather, due to its mountains, and the western part has hot and dry weather. The most important river of the city is Shure Salty River. Bafgh has also some important historical monuments, including Imamzadeh Abdollah Shrine, Jame' Mosque and Bagher Abad Castle. The city is also the hometown of a great poet, Vahshi Bafghi. The most important handicrafts of the people in this city are carpets, doormats, brooms, fans and straw mats. Bafgh is the only city in Yazd, which has vast palm groves.

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Tchogha Zanbil

This historical city is an old civilization center, one of the most important cities in the world, and is the winter capital of the Achaemenid Emperor. In the Middle Ages, Shush was a big center in Khuzestan Province, which had several cities and regions, an old strong castle, splendid bazaars, and a mosque with round columns in it. The city was famous to have raw dry goods, pomegranate, and sugar cane. The shrine of the Prophet Daniel is also in this city. Shush was once a crowded city and the center of attention; however, when the capital of Khuzestan moved into Ahwaz, Shush lost its importance gradually. In excavations made in Shush, things have been discovered which are believed to be belonging to 8000 years ago.

Anarak - Choopanan Village

Anarak is a city east of Isfahan and is about 1475 meters above sea level. It is situated in the desert and it belongs to the Sassanid era. In the city one can find a caravanserai, Jame' Mosque, a public bathroom, many apartments, each having traditional architecture. Inside and outside of the buildings are covered with brick decorations. In the city you face a maze of narrow streets and even the remainder of bulwarks, which indicates that the city was once well protected. The old part of Anarak has 7 areas, which are as follows: Biabanak, Beik Ali, Hesar, Arabha, Sarab, Ghafelegah, and Jubareh.

Nayband Port

Nayband Port
This port is situated 320 kilometers from the south-east of Bushehr Port and is considered among the most beautiful coastal areas along the coasts of Persian Gulf. It was once a very important port and one the main centers of fishing and trading pearls in Persian Gulf. The area has a unique ecosystem; that's why it has various species of wildlife, including ram, ewe and goat. Sandy coasts in northern and eastern part, rock coasts in southern part, old trees of fig, beautiful plains, deep valleys, and impressive coral hills adds to the attraction of the area, and makes it a very attractive place even for the divers to enjoy

Falakolaflak Castle

The historical castle, Falakolaflak, is situated on the top of a large hill in KhorramAbad. It is believed to belong to the Sassanid era and is one of the most impressive castles in Iran. The castle has a full view of the historical valley of Khoram Abad. The flow of Golestan spring from the northern skirt of the hill adds to the attraction of the area. The place has turned into a museum now. It has been renovated in recent years. Archeological and anthropology museums and a traditional tea house are to be found in this historical castle. The name of Falakolaflak castle has been registered in the list of Iran's national works.

Rayen Citadel

Rayen Citadel
Rayn citadel in Kerman is one of the biggest earthen buildings in the world. The building, which is situated on a hill, has an area of about 22,000 square meters and receives many visitors each year. It is one of the most historical monuments, which is believed to be belonging to Sassanid era. The citadel is surrounded by several towers and a fence with the height of more that 10 meters. You enter the citadel through a big and magnificent portal. Inside the citadel you can see a bazaar, a stable and mansions. It is also considered as one of the famous summer spots of Kerman.

Chabahr Port

Chabahr Port
Chabahar Port is semitropical and has a relative humidity. It is situated in the south of Sistan & Baluchestan Province, and is the hottest city in winter and the coolest city in summer. It was once the center of business, trade and navigation. The port has many historical and natural tourist attractions. Among the attractions the followings could be mentioned: Chabahar Gulf, rock coast, Shahid Kalantari and Shahid Beheshti Piers, fishing piers, Lipar Lagoon, Hara Jungle, Bahoo Kalat River, Kenarak archeological area, Anooshiravan Sangan Castle, Batel Castle, Tapeh Nahadi Cemetery, Dashtiary Cemetery, Pelan archeological well, Tis Kupan archeological well, and Tis dams.

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Qeshm Geo park

Qeshm Geo park
The first international geopark in the Middle East is situated in Qeshm. It has an area of about 500 square kilometers and was registered in UNESCO in 2006. Many rare geological phenomena could be seen in this park. Natural statues, great mountains, different columns made by erosion, the craters made by weathering, and incredible statues in the forms of animals like turtles, dogs and lizards are among the most attractive parts. Qeshm Geopark is one of the most unique geoparks in the world due to its virgin lands. It also possesses the world's longest salt cave which attracts many tourists.

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Iran is one of the largest countries in the Middle East. Its landscape is diverse, comprising desert, rivers, plateaus, valleys, jungles, and mountain including the Middle East’s highest peak, Mt Damavand (5167m). Iran with this variety of natural wonders is the paradise of Eco-traveler. You can climb mountains, rafting in the roaring rivers, stay at the villages, cook with locals and walk in different parts of Iran freely. Discover Iran's unique nature with our professional tours.

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Thousands years of brilliant historical records, rare historical monuments, more than 1/000/000 historical sites and attractions to discover, deep ancient civilizations, sides and impressive cultural aspects, while embracing one of the most unique nations in the world; are some of the main elements that formed the cultural and historical concept of the ancient territory of the Persians, known as IRAN. Discover the land of histories and legends with our comprehensive tours.

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Iran has very different cultural characteristics as: social, historical, natural and... These different characteristics in a wide plateau create different models of trip plans. You can prepare your favorite tour by combining several of these features or use our offered tours.

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