Falak Ol Aflak Castle
Shapurkhast Castle was built during the Sassanid period but changed its name to Falak-ol-Aflak during the Qajar period. The castle sits on a high hill near Khorramabad. Previously, it was equipped with 12 towers of which only 8 towers have survived. The source of Golestan flows from the north of the castle but drinking water is supplied by a 40 m deep well inside the castle of Falak-ol-Aflak.

The Castle covers an area of ​​5300 m2 with a circumference of 228 m. Its highest wall is 22.5 m from the ground. The interior of the fortress is made up of four large rooms, two courtyards, several small rooms, and rooms, and the door opens to the north. The castle was renovated during the reign of Fathali Shah who added a high tower to it. In ancient times, the Falak-ol-Aflak or Shapurkhast was an important camp in which the Sassanians detained Roman prisoners. It served as a treasure for Badr ibne Hassanooyeh, governor of Lorestan, during the 10th century. Falak-ol-Aflak which has been converted into a museum preserves many precious objects. The castle was used by the Achaemenid rulers to hide the precious gold and silverware of Alexander of Macedonia. After two thousand years, these relics were accidentally discovered by thieves, but some of them have been recovered and are kept in the castle. Falak-ol-Aflak is equipped with a library of expertise and a research laboratory for the repair of historic relics. The brick minaret of Khorramabad is a famous and precious monument that was built 900 years ago south of the city. The height of the minaret is 30 m and its diameter at the base is 5.5 m.

Lorestan Province the land of history and zealous Nomads

Falak Ol Aflak Castle - Lorestan Province

Iran-nomads: Qashqai

The stone tablet, engraved in Kufi script, is located north of the ruins of Shapurkhast. It is a rectangular slab with an inscription on the authorization to graze the cattle. The Broken Bridge or Shapur is a masterpiece of Sassanian architecture, located south of Falak-ol-Aflak and used to connect west of Lorestan east of Lorestan and Khuzestan. Originally, the bridge was equipped with 29 arches or openings of which only 5 arches remain. Gap Brick Bridge, the brick-covered bridge in the center of Khorramabad is located over the Gelal River and is equipped with 24 arches. Its length is more than 350 m and its width is 5.8 m. The height of the bridge from the river bed is 8 m. The middle of the bridge looks like the Khajoo Bridge in Isfahan. The bridge was built during the Safavid period by Hussein Khan, the governor of Lorestan, and has been registered as a national monument. Dooshe Cave is a historic cave in Khorramabad which contains over 110 prehistoric paintings. Two tablets in relief were in the fonts of the cave, one of which was destroyed and the other is in ruins. Other interesting sites in Khorramabad include the Nozhian waterfall, several historic houses, shrines, and a Zoroastrian mill.

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