A masterpiece of Nature, Badab-e Surt Springs of Iran
Springs with different color, smell, and even taste that entitled Springs of Golden Palace, Badab-e Surt Springs! Badab-e Surt Is a beautiful and spectacular phenomenon known as wonders of masterpieces of nature registered as the most beautiful spring of the world. After Mount Damavand, this natural wonder was registered as the second natural phenomenon of Iran by the year 2006; and after Pamukkaleh Spring in Turkey, it is registered as the second saltwater spring of the world. Badab-e Surt Spring is located in the southwest of the city of Sary, Mazandaran Province at an altitude of 1841m (6040 ft.) above sea level.

The historical and beautiful village of Orost located in Chahar-Dangeh District, Mazandaran Province, constitutes of some historical neighborhoods that Surtneighborhood is one of those. To the north, Badab-e Surt Spring reached to highlands and hills covered with forests, to the south has to overlook toward downhill valleys, and to the east located near heights covered with shrubby and brushwood. -Best Time to Visit: Tourism site of Badab-e Surthas a four-season climate, so that it has its own beauties and wonders in every season of the year. However, the best time to visit is spring and summer, because of its full green nature and the sweet pleasure of swimming in its rich mineral pools. The most fascinating scenes and landscapes of this place is at the time of sunrise and sunset when glittering sun rays reflect in pools reveal the glorious effects of God's blessings, and these eye-catching landscapes and scenes never forgotten from souls and minds and invite lovers of nature over and over again to enjoy such wonderful beauties.

 Badab-e Surt Springs of Iran

In the concept of Badab-e Surt", Badab is a Persian compound of Bad ``gas" + ab "water", translating to "gassed water”, referring to the springs' waters being carbonated mineral waters. "Surt'' is an old name for the Orost village and a Persian word meaning intensity". Mysterious Springs of Badab-e Surt constitute of two springs with completely different colors, smells, and tastes. One of those has very salty water and a small pool, often used for swimming during hot seasons and it also has therapeutic properties and it is suitable for treatments of lumbar and feet pains, dermatology, rheumatism, and especially for migraine headaches. The salty taste of the spring is due to the existence of chlorine and sodium ions, therefore it does not freeze in winter. The other spring located in the vicinity of the former one has predominantly orange color water mainly due to the large iron oxide sediments at its outlet it has a bitter and slightly sort taste. Over the course of thousands of years, the sedimentary water of these two springs have flowed from top to the foothill and formed a number of oranges, red, and yellow-colored pools shaped as a naturally formed staircase-like cascade that display mysteries of the world at the heart of nature. In the south part of the site there are some other low flow small springs, slowly flowing downhill to narrow pools, the water stream becomes relaxed in a pool for some moment, then continues to the lower pool. In the southern border of the site, dried pools are observable, waiting many years at the heart of the mountain begging for a drop of water.

A masterpiece of Nature, Badab-e Surt Springs of Iran

Once upon a time, these dried pools were full of freshwater, and now they are nothing but a natural lesson for human beings to appreciate other saved pools. It takes thousands of years to create such scenes that beautifully catch our eyes. Like a live being, these springs and pools become threatened by every step of ours, though it seems happy by your happiness. Lest, like other neighbors, thirst come to its other pools; let's pay more attention to our nature and natural belongings. - Dos and Don'ts of visit based on a report by Badab-e Surt Tourism Site: Visiting time is from 6 am to 9 pm and outside of these hours due to lack of adequate lighting, visits prohibited. Do not walk or run on stairs-like pools. Also, it is prohibited to enter the area with granulated and rough surface shoes and boots. Therefore, visitors are required to have suitable shows. Avoid digging piton ponds to use water and throw hot stones inside and turn it into a Jacuzzi. Camping beside the spring is strictly forbidden due to "security issues'' and destruction of the environment. Due to "high depth", swimming inside Badab-e Surt Orost Lake is prohibited for people who are not familiar with swimming techniques. In this area, exposure to direct sunlight causes skin damage, therefore, tourists are advised to wear sunscreens, hats, and sunglasses. It is hoped that with the observance of the above-mentioned points and attention to the preservation of the life of this pure and beautiful area, visiting would not be forbidden in the following years.

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