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Iranian cuisine

Iran Food Tour

Iranian cuisine includes Iranian culinary traditions. The term Persian cuisine is also used because Iran is also known as Persia, although ethnic Persians are only one of the ethnic groups of Iranian origin who contributed to the culinary culture.

Iran Food Tour

Discover Persian Cuisine

Day 1: Tehran
Meet and assist at IKA airport and transfer to the hotel. Afternoon panoramic sightseeing. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Bazar_Tehran
  • Carpet_Bazar_Tehran
  • Carpet_Museum_Tehran
  • Darband_North_of_Tehran
  • Golestan_Palace_-_Shams_ol_emare_Tehran
  • Golestan_Palace_Tehran
  • Imam_Mosque_Tehran_Bazar
  • Motahari_Mosque_Tehran
  • National_Garden_Gate_Tehran
  • National_Museum_Tehran
  • Navab_St_Tehran
  • Niavaran_Palace_Tehran
  • Nivaran_Palace_Tehran
  • Reza_Abbassi_Museum

 Day 2: Tehran – Foodi Tour
Am: Our Shop, Cook, Taste tours are a half-day adventure, making it perfect to add to even the tightest schedules in Tehran. We start from Tajrish sq with a walking tour of Tajrish bazaar where we’ll introduce our guests to exceptional ingredients and spices unique to this part of the world while we experience shopping for a few fresh ingredients like the locals. Then we’ll head over to the kitchen where will show us her magic in creating the most delectable Persian dishes. We’ll be cooking a 5-course meal adjusted to the season and enriched with the freshest ingredients.
Once the wafting aroma of the delicious meal dissipates in the kitchen, we’ll set the table and gather for a huge Persian feast as we chat and exchange experiences.
Pm: Short tour program visiting the Reza Abbassi museum and then the panoramic view of Tehran, then transfer to one of the local traditional restaurants with live music and dinner, then transfer to the hotel and overnight.

  • Baghala_Polo_ba_Mahiche_or_Rice_with_Broad_Beans_and_Lamb
  • Cherry_with_Rice_or_Albaloo_Polo
  • Chiken_Kebab
  • Chiken_and_Rice
  • Dizi_or_Abgoosht
  • Dolme
  • Fesenjan
  • Gheime
  • Ghorme_sabzi
  • Halim
  • Kebab
  • Koofte
  • Kookoo
  • Lam_Kebab
  • Loobia_Polo_or_Green_bean_with_Rice
  • Sabzi_Polo

 Day 3: Tehran - Shiraz
A full-day tour program in Tehran the capital city and visiting the Iran Ancient National Museum (Iran’s mother museum), containing relics from the 7th millennium BCE to the Sassanid Era. We will continue to visit the Golestan Palace. A vast complex that houses the Versailles-inspired, mirror-encrusted Marble Throne Hall used for the coronation of the last Shah. Then we continue our visiting the Grand Bazar of Tehran. The market in Iran is the heart of every city. In this place, different types of needs of the Iranian families are present. Tehran's bazaar has several sections, like the Istanbul – Turkey market or other old Eastern markets. All Types of medicinal plants, Scented vegetables, Spices, and Nuts as well as other household goods are available here. The Iranian market is a dynamic and vivid collection in which the history, culture, civilization, and way of life of the Iranian people are evidenced there.
Lunch at one of the best restaurants of Bazar (Sharaf El Islam or Moslem Restaurant ) which are selected as the best  Moderately Priced and also Local Cuisine restaurants.  Then transfer to the domestic airport for fly to Shiraz, arrival Shiraz, transfer to the hotel and overnight.

  • Atigh_Mosque_Shiraz_Iran
  • Eram_Garden_Shiraz
  • Ghavam_ol_Molk_Mansion_Shiraz
  • Jame_Atigh_Mosque_Shiraz
  • Nasir_ol_Molk_Mosque_Shiraz
  • Pars_Museum_Shiraz
  • Qavam_House_Shiraz
  • Shah_Cheragh_Shiraz
  • Shapouri_House_Shiraz
  • Tiling_in_Atigh_Mosque_Shiraz
  • Tomb_of_Hafez_Shiraz
  • Tomb_of_Saadi_Shiraz
  • Vakil_Bath_Shiraz
  • Vakil_Bazaar_Shiraz
  • Vakil_mosque__Shiraz
 Day 4: Shiraz
Full day city tour of Shiraz known as the city of nightingales and flowers.
Saints and Poets, nightingales in perfumed gardens, and tall Cyprus trees all epitomize this ancient city.
Unleash your creative spirit and take a morning walk through Shiraz's charming downtown district guarded by old tall thick trees. Then, sit and drink in style at one of Shiraz Cafe, known for its independent and creative spirit. Or, do dinner and drinks at a garden restaurant with light music. Find out firsthand why Shiraz is famous as the city of the flower.
One of the types of Persian cuisine that is very popular among Iranians, especially for the holidays and picnic is BBQ foods. Mix kebab and grilled chicken are among the most popular of these foods. In one of the five well-known Shiraz restaurants, selected by tourists in the Trip Adviser, in a green area with tall trees, as you are at a picnic, you will make ready the best Iranian grilled cuisines.
Then half day tour program and visiting Karim Khan Tower, Pars museum, Karim Khan old traditional tea house and drinking an Iranian cup of tea then walking in Bazar of Shiraz then transfer to one of the best restaurants of Shiraz Haft khan for dinner, This restaurant is one of the most diverse restaurants in Shiraz, where you can taste a variety of Iranian and international cuisine. then transfer to the hotel and overnight.


Day 5: Shiraz - Isfahan
On this day, we drive to Persepolis the Achaemenid Empire’s capital and the most important historical site of Iranian civilization dating back to 2500 years ago and the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Apadana place is the most magnificent palace of Darius. In Persepolis, we also visit the Nation’s Gate. Then we visit the historical region of Naqshe Rustam which is 6 km from Persepolis and this is where the tomb of Xerxes and Darius the great lies. Following that we drive to Naqshe Rajab which is 1 km away from Naqshe Rajab. This site is where you will visit reliefs of the kings and soldiers that date back to the early Sassanid era.
Lunch at a restaurant close to the site with Iranian buffet food. Then return to Shiraz and the domestic airport for a flight to Isfahan. Arrival Isfahan, transfer to the hotel, and overnight.

  • Aali_Ghapoo_Palace_Isfahan
  • Abbasi_Hotel_Esfahan
  • Ali_Minaret_in_Isfahan
  • Bazar_Isfahan
  • Chehel_Sotoon_Wall_painting_Isfahan
  • Chehelsotoon_Palace_Isfahan
  • Hasht_Behesht_Palace
  • Hasht_Behesht_Palace_Isfahan
  • Imam_Mosque_Isfahan
  • Imam_Mosque_at_night_Isfahan
  • Interior_of_Vank_Cathedral_Isfahan
  • Khajoo_Bridge
  • Seyed_Mosque
  • Shaking_Minarets
  • Sheikh_Lotfolah_Mosque_Isfahan
  • Si_o_se_pol_Bridge_Isfahan
  • Vank_Church_Isfahan
  • Vank_cathedral_Isfahan
 Day 6: Isfahan
Isfahan is the most beautiful, imaginative, and best travel city in Iran.
This city which is known as Florence of Iran would record an unforgettable memorial trip to Iran for you.
Today, in addition to walking in the 2000-year-old history of this city and visiting its historical monuments, you will have one of the most famous and delicious Iranian cuisines.
Fesenjan is one of the most official Iranian cuisines that is presented at most parties and ceremonies.
After Preparing and cooking lunch we will visit the historical sites of Isfahan and start from Naghsh-e Jahan sq the largest ones at (1598-1629), Ali Ghapoo palace, Imam and Sheikh Lotfolah mosque. For dinner, the best Isfahan restaurant Shahrzad will offer you a variety of the best Iranian delicious cuisines. Then transfer to the hotel and overnight.


Day 7: Isfahan - Tehran
Full day tour program in Isfahan known as half of the world or museum city and visiting:
Chehel Sotoon and Hasht Behesht Safavid Royal palaces (1501-1722) and then visiting the Jame mosque which is a collection of Iranian and Islamic art-work from 1400 years ago up to now, then visiting the Holy Savior Cathedral also known as Vank Cathedral and lunch in a very nice and beautiful Iranian old houses-restaurant with traditional foods.
After lunch visiting the Zoroastrian fire temple and then walk across the Zayande Rood River and visit the old bridges over Zayande Rood. Then transfer to the domestic airport for fly to Tehran, arrival Tehran, transfer to the hotel and rest.

  • Bazar_Tehran
  • Carpet_Bazar_Tehran
  • Carpet_Museum_Tehran
  • Darband_North_of_Tehran
  • Golestan_Palace_-_Shams_ol_emare_Tehran
  • Golestan_Palace_Tehran
  • Imam_Mosque_Tehran_Bazar
  • Motahari_Mosque_Tehran
  • National_Garden_Gate_Tehran
  • National_Museum_Tehran
  • Navab_St_Tehran
  • Niavaran_Palace_Tehran
  • Nivaran_Palace_Tehran
  • Reza_Abbassi_Museum
 Day 8: Departure
Transfer to the Int airport for departure and end of the tour.












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